Why Vote

Know the candidates and what they stand for

 Voting is  a privilege!  It is your way to change the government and the way it uses its powers.  By not voting, a vocal and active minority can swing an election to favor their agenda which may be directly opposite to how this nation was established and how you want it to be governed.

Know the candidates and what they stand for

Join a political party and learn what they  believe, and what the candidate wants to do if elected.

Does your vote matter

Yes!  Some elections have been won by a very small margin.  If you feel strongly about an issue, discuss it with others in a rational and unemotional manner.  Point out the reasons why the issue is important and how it will reflect on society as a whole rather than just on a small active minority.  Only in this way will the nation be true to its founders and remain strong. This is an example of what freedom can do for people who strive for a better way of life.

Should you vote or not vote on the basis of a single issue

No!  Even if you feel strongly about an issue, not favored by a candidate, consider all their other issues that he or she favors with which you do agree.  Would you sacrifice your vote by not voting and quite possibly loose on all the issues you favor or possibly win on the  issue you favor and loose on all the others you favor.  Weigh each issue carefully.  No one gets everything they want. Further, consider  the candidate's party.  What is the  party's overall objective.  Is it to give people the freedom to use their natural abilities, to have a fruitful and happy life, or will it suppress those abilities and burden the people with increased regulations and taxes? It could establish social laws which conflict with your moral standards.