what's the Truth


How many of the founders of the United States believed in a Superior Creator?

All believed in a Superior Creator, but not all believed in the Christian religion .  The belief in a Creator and the fundamentals of the Bible were the basis of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Original Bill of Rights. To this end, the Nation was based on Christian principles. The majority of the founders were Christians and the overwhelming majority of the population at the beginning of this Nation were Christian. This made us a Christian Nation.  It is the truths found in the Bible that we are all created equal to pursue life, liberty and happiness.

Is the God of the Christian faith the same as the god of Islam?

No.  The God of the Christian faith is a God of love and peace. God does not force you to believe in Him. You are free free to make your own decision, but throughout your life there will be situations that will draw you to Him as He desires all to believe in Him.  

The god of Islam forces you to believe in him, to worship him multiple times per day and if you turn away from Islam or wish or become a Christian, you are to suffer death.

What do liberals really want and will it really be what they will get?

Liberals have a basic belief that they can do whatever they want to do as long as it doesn't bother others.  They want to use their influence to have the government establish laws defining what can and cannot be done, thus establishing  the moral laws of the nation.  Not really realizing their desire and what the results will be, they will be allowing a totalitarian government of  elite bureaucrats to control every aspect of everyone's life, including their education, beliefs, occupation, the number of children, the amount of health care  and when you are no longer a value to society.  If you don't believe that could happen, check out China and North Korea.

Why do liberals want to remove Christianity from our society

The Christian religion establishes laws and principles of justice and moral standards that prohibit  liberals from doing what they desire.  These laws and principles cannot be changed or superseded by man thus the basic desire of the liberals to "do whatever is desired as long as it doesn't bother anyone else" is wrong and not permitted in a Christian society..