Our beliefs


Our Nation is a Christian Nation

America was established  by our founding fathers, all of whom believed in a Supreme Creator, who provided the laws, principles and examples revealed in the Bible.  In the beginning children learned lessons based on scripture and read from the Bible.  Universities were started with their primary goal of educating future preachers in God's word and to spread the Gospel. Today liberals and the far leftists are willing to accept the inclusion of Sharia law into cases that involve Muslims, which would in time eclipse  our common laws placing this nation essentially under  Islamic rule and Sharia law, which is far from which our founder envisioned; and in fact many of the founders were against the Muslim movement.

The Bible

The Bible contains all the laws and principles upon which our nation was established.  As this Nation has turned away from the teachings in the Bible, our moral structure has deteriorated.  No longer is there an inner compass guiding individuals on what is right .  Suddenly what is right is what "feels right" and active minorities have convinced politicians to make laws enabling people to fulfill their inner desires.  God made two sexes and now there are 63 genders. Marriage was defined as an union of a male and a female, now it can be between same sexes.  Even now with Muslims, polygamy is accepted in America, when will it be permitted for all males.? Life was sacred, now abortion is legal up to the moment before delivery and  potentially even after birth. 

There is only one God

There are only three religions that believe in a single deity.  They are Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.  The God of Christianity and Judaism is the same.  He is a God of love and peace, a God of justice, a God of forgiveness,  and a God of salvation. Each individual has a choice on whether to believe or not.  The god of Islam is not a god of choice, but rather a god who seeks death for those who do not believe in Allah or who decide to believe in another religion. It is a religion that places women in an inferior status, that still believes in slavery, multiple wives, punishment by beheading, chopping off of hands and throwing people off of buildings.  The reward for killing non-believers/infidels is heaven, a major difference between that belief and that  of Christianity.

Bill of Rights

We believe in the original Bill of Rights,  especially the 1st and 2nd Amendments.  The 1st guarantees the freedom of religion and speech, the  right of peaceful assembly, and the right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.  The 2nd Amendment is also supported because it guarantees the  right of the people to keep and bear arms, which is the ability to defend oneself and family, and even against a government which becomes tyrannical and totalitarian.