2018 America- the Truth conference: Raffle

Raffle Tickets

Every purchased ticket will automatically receive one free raffle ticket.  Additional raffle tickets can be purchased at the door.  One ticket for $2.00 and 3 additional tickets  for $5.00.  An unlimited number of tickets can be purchased.  Items will given out at the end of the conference and winners must be present.

Raffle items

Printed Shirts

SARASOTA MESSENGER will print 24 shirts for  the winner of this raffle item.  This will make and excellent rememberance for a special event  like a sports team, family get together, birthday, anniversary, or business or church function.

The quality of the shirts and printing will be excellent, performed by experienced professionals in their trade and with a top reputation.

Five (5) Basic annual membership with one (1) time range visit

Each of these five (5) memberships will be raffled separately, and can be used at any of the ranges of High Noon Guns.

Concealed Weapons Class

There will be one raffle for this concealed weapons class given at the High Noon Gun store.