This year's Conference : September 29, 2018

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Collection of videos showing why we are proud to be Americas and why we are a Christian nation

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Our Interest

Our nation was settled by Christians and our founding fathers created a nation based on the laws, principles and teachings of the Bible. As this country moves away from those basic truths, we will return to not just anarchy but towards socialism and finally communism/totalitarianism where the state will determine all aspects of each individual's life.

Our concern

The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and Original Bill of Rights established the principles by which the United States of America is to be governed.  They are what made this country great, a nation where people seeking freedom desired to come and enjoy a life free from government control. Changing the meaning of these documents will result in a totalitarian government.

Our Goal

Education is the most important means by which our nation will remain free. Everyone needs to know how and why we are a strong and free nation.  Without that knowledge, their vote or non-vote will place their lives under the control of an active movement that will take away their freedom.  Voting with the knowledge of truth will assure each and everyone's freedom.

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Annually, in the Fall, a day conference is presented with expert speakers .  They are specifically selected to speak on the subjects relevant to the goal of enlightening and educating people of the truths that made our nation great and what threatens its establisment.

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As events are scheduled they will be posted. It will include the time and place as well as the speakers, their talk(s), annual event, and schedule.  Additionally, if there are other  relevant meetings in the area, they will also be announced for your interest.

Videos and Audios

As they become available, videos and/or audios of the speakers will be linked for those who could not or want to hear the presentations again.

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Articles and other presentations by other  experts on pertinent information of American history and current events will be included on this site. 

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Viewers with any questions  can submit them here and will be answered  so that everyone may benefit.  Also if there are any suggestions that will make this site more informative, they will be welcomed.

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